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Happy New Year (how boring!)

I haven't posted in so long, I feel guilty and more irrelevant than usual. So, Happy New Year all.  Indulge me while I review some recent activities, in the spirit of the season...

I never thought I'd run a "save a character" campaign, but I seem to be! Never thought I'd interview anyone from the Stargate world, but I interviewed David Hewlett's Jane Loughman and it came out okay! Jane even wrote to say the MGM gurus thought it was a great piece! My sister is the journalism major, not me, but she said it wasn't bad for an amateur... I wondered if I'd ever leave OS entirely, and that happened this weekend. It wasn't pretty, but I'm not sorry.

On the personal front, so many family members have been ill, we've been double-booked for caring for them. I hope it's a phase and not a trend! I have a new position at work and had to move out of my office of 12 years to a different building. I think I was there too long in the first place, but it's rather a mental adjustment to see none of those familiar faces every day. I even miss a couple of them :)

Well, that's good. I won't have to see the "October" calendar on my page anymore. Health and Peace to y'all for 2007.


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Jan. 3rd, 2007 08:37 pm (UTC)
Happy New Year to you, too!
I'm about as bad when it comes to posting in my LJ. I'm still not certain why I have one! I even paid for an additional year -- I need that to keep up my pretty banner and store all the wonderful icons I've come across. :)

Here's hoping that 2007 brings you happiness in your new job, more great interviews, a forum to replace that which you lost, and better health in your family.

Jan. 4th, 2007 06:20 pm (UTC)
Re: Happy New Year to you, too!
Thanks very much, and best to you, too. And I'm very happy in our little forum... Between that and LJ there's no shortage of reading or interaction to do, is there?!
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