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Worst. Con. Experience. Ever.

You know how everyone always bashes Creation for their costs, the way the actors are kept away from fans, no personalizations, etc? Well, a worse situation is one in which the con leads on all the actors as well as fans, doesn't tell the truth, lets the fans spend their hard-earned money to get there, then actually SHUTS DOWN on the Saturday morning.

Yep, welcome to Fedcon USA, which has just canceled itself, apparently because the hotel wasn't getting paid and demanded the con vacate. The con organizers knew they couldn't actually pay their headliners to attend (Connor made it somehow, but not Paul or any of the others I believe, and Aaron Douglas of BSG was very public aboutt the shenanigans on the Fedconusa.com forum.)

John Billingsley (SG1: The Other Guys) has been a total hero, and his wife too. He took control of the opening ceremonies last night, hung out with fans at the early party, and spoke up for the audience this morning when the announcement was made they had to shut down.  He represented for the fans like crazy, ran around with the microphone until everyone got to ask their questions.

The fans are in shock but calm. No doubt this would be true in spite of the very large men the hotel had stationed around to prevent any violence. Ha!

Well, TJ from California and I are throwing a Beckett-lovers room party in a couple hours.  We'll try to salvage something.  A direct quote from her:  "I've been going to conventions fro 30 years and never seen anything like this."

They strung us along when they knew they were in deep trouble.  They never told the guests what was going on.  Yet they complain they have been working so hard.  Dude, hard work means nothing if you're not honest with anyone.

ETA: There is a story with a slightly different spin at SyFy Portal... Not sure I believe the organizer at all.


Jun. 15th, 2008 05:09 am (UTC)
Hey there, yeah, I hope this doesn't discourage new DFW cons, because a lot of people here said they could never make it to a con on either coast. It was convenient to lots of folks, obviously.

I knew you live in Texas but not so near DFW that you could have come to meet us -- what a shame! Although if the con had gone as planned, I wouldn't have had much free time. Heh.

Meanwhile John Billingsley and his wife have been with fans in the bar all evening and are even now shooting pool. :)
Jun. 15th, 2008 04:38 pm (UTC)
A lot of cons happen on the coasts because it's more convenient for the actors and such, but not-so-much for fans. Especially for one who ends up on the "wrong" coast for a con they want to attend.

Dallas is central, but we haven't had a lot of "big" cons in recent years, and I can't figure out why. There's been some smaller cons, but they're often more lit-oriented than media cons.

Creation used to do quite a bit here back in the 90s, but they completely dried up for a time. They're going again, and even had one of the first official Stargate cons here, and a Supernatural one too, but not much else. I think the Supernatural one might have had more to do with the boys wanting to visit home turf (Jensen is from a 'burb of Dallas, Jared is from San Antonio) than Creation wanting to return here. The Stargate con was in an awful venue and they got a lot of complaints, and I fear they won't return because of it.

I can get to DFW in under two hours if the traffic isn't hellacious (stress on "if"), but I don't go down that way very often, just for special events and such.

I'm glad you're salvaging something out of the con. A friend and I have been talking about going to one of the "guest-less" cons, especially one that's slash oriented. We're not necessarily life of the party types, but it would be nice just to get away and be somewhere where you could talk slash without getting Those Looks.



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