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Naked and Afraid?

There was a fun hallway conversation at work today about the new reality show "Naked and Afraid", which is just as the title implies -- 1 woman, 1 man, strangers to each other and experienced in survival, living for 21 days in a wilderness with nothing, not even clothes. Well, they each get 1 tool, but seriously... how about walking across an African landscape full of 4-inch thorns with no shoes?

My main observations are a) They all starve. It's virtually impossible to find even 1/10 the normal amount of food. b) The men are by far the bigger whiners. The women suffer, but they persevere, and they get sh*t done. c) I could never do it. I'd bail after 2 days at most.

It's a guilty pleasure at best. Has anyone else watched, and what do you think?

Oh, maybe it's a bit faked -- shocker! http://www.nypost.com/p/entertainment/tv/naked_food_not_contestants_afraid_lUFVz3nLbQd1pBN58DT9qI