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Wow, this is quite interesting:


It's by Anna Gunn, who plays Skyler White on Breaking Bad. She talks about the massive on-line hatred against her character, and ultimately, herself. She plays the wife of the main character, who is shocked to find out he's gone from teacher to meth mastermind... Much of the arc of the show is about how she is inevitably drawn into his web of crime, unable to get away yet opposing him and putting her children ahead of either of them.

I love BB but I've remained purposely away from its on-line fandom. I just wanted to enjoy the show on my own and with my RL friends. So I was surprised to read the OpEd, but really I guess not. It's just another example of how a fandom can hate on female characters who dare oppose the male protagonist, no matter how insanely bad that protagonist is. Better Draper and Carmela Soprano are presented as other examples.

Also fascinating, while most of the comments to the article decry what has happened to Anna, others try to 'explain' the hatred and deny sexism is part of it. Seriously?

If you're a BB fan, it's an interesting read, and of course I'd be interested in your reaction to the OpEd!